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Effortless Marketing Success

Let's be real. All you really want is to be able to focus on what you do best and what truly matters to you instead of all the tech and marketing "stuff". You've been looking for help, for someone to "take off the load" and begin a Journey of effortless Creation. Look no further.

The Energetic Cavalry has arrived. We are Funnel-Ninjas and Marketing Agents of Awesome. We are here to guide you through your Digital Transformation Journey and the Creation Process of the Online Business of your Dreams.

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New Clients on Autopilot

Kickstart your Conscious Business

No matter what any “business guru” tells you, it is not easy to start an online business.

We know, because we have been where you are. We had an amazing idea, an amazing gift to share, but we didn’t know how to manifest it. How to truly bring it to life and the whole process of it seemed daunting.

We had spent tens of thousands of dollars in Training and Coaching and what we realised is: we were far from the only ones struggling with this. SO MANY heart-centered, Conscious Entrepreneurs and Change Makers with beautiful Ideas to share with the World, are having a hard time getting their Project off the ground. With the World in desperate need for these projects, there just had to be a better way.

That’s why we created Paradise Marketing. A way to solve the struggle and support Conscious Entrepreneurs on their Journey towards creating a better World by kickstarting their Positive Impact Businesses!



Attracting New Clients can be A HASSLE. Or an ABSOLUTE JOY - when you started working with us . Unlock Effortless Marketing Success for yourself and your business. We follow this simple 3 step process to guide our Co-Creation.

Clear Strategy

Strategy is the foundation for any successful venture. In one word this step is all about Clarity. Who do you serve? What exactly is the Problem you are solving? What exactly is your Offer? We help you gain hyper-clarity, as the foundation of your business.

Strong Design

When it comes to design our philosophy is simple. We design your complete funnel to represent you, while keeping the user and the goal in mind. We create funnels, ads, graphics, copy, videos etc what ever is necessary to make your funnel attract the right clients for you.

Done for You

This is where we shine. We build it ALL!  You don't need to get a team of 10 different specialists. We create your entire Funnel, your direct Ad Campaign, your Shopping Cart. Everything you need to attract and convert New Clients.

Your worry-free business on Autopilot!



The fulfillment of your dreams is not a bet,

it's a process.

Stop Making IT Hard FOR YOURSELF

It is a challenge to create a Successful Online Business. You may have tried to do it all by yourself, perhaps you even went as far as creating your Website on Wordpress, incorporated MailChimp or some other "FREE" or PAID service but you are still not getting the results you would love to see.

This is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL and you are NOT ALONE – it is simply not easy to do. That is why there is an entire Industry of Coaches teaching you “How to get new clients”, “How to become great at Marketing and Sales” and “How to create Offers that Convert".

That’s why there are a plethora of expensive tools like Kartra, Clickfunnels, Active Campaign, Kajabi and many others to create an aspect of your online presence with.

It seems like, in order to create a Successful Online Business you have to be a Master of Sales, A Master of Marketing, A Master of Design AND a Master of Technology. To do this, you will have to go through endless amounts of Training & Coaching and spend tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours. BUT DO YOU REALLY?

Add all the money you’ll have to spend on tools and the hundreds of hours you’ll need to learn how to use them, let alone master them. PLUS: You still have to develop, design and create every last bit of your Online Funnel as well. DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD?

WHO has got the TIME, NERVES or the MONEY to do all of this?

Is all of this really necessary JUST TO SHARE YOUR GIFT WITH THE WORLD?

There just has to be a better way!

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

- Buckminster Fuller -

The Better Way

Instead of all this struggle, confusion and wasted time and money; Couldn’t there be way of making this whole process effortless and perhaps even fun and exciting?

We know the struggle and frustration all too well. We have gone through tens of thousands of dollars worth of training programs; Countless programs on self-development, product launches, conscious business, marketing funnels, sales automation, webinars, summits, masterclasses – all of it.


Going through this LONG process of mastering all of this made us realise that: 



Look at what the "Pros" do. You know, those guys that sell Millions of dollars worth of Courses, Programs and Products. Those that attract hundreds of thousands of Clients with their Programs and Campaigns. Do they use a simple Wordpress Template Website cobbled together with the Free Mailchimp Subscription? No they don’t.

You really do get what you give. Your customers will reflect who you are. If you are trying to go the cheap route, so will your customers. If you want customers that are happy to spend money on a premium offer, you will have to as well.

Besides, would you really reinvent the wheel, or even go as far as reinventing

AN ENTIRE CAR, just to drive to your clients and deliver your product/service?

Of course not. That would be silly.

Yet, that is exactly what most struggling entrepreneurs do.

Wouldn’t it make A LOT more sense to get the BEST POSSIBLE CAR that you can afford, as quickly as possible, to be able to focus on actually delivering your value to your clients - and earn some money?


YOUR CAR in the online world, is really your entire ONLINE PRESENCE. It is the "VEHICLE" that delivers "your Horse Power” onto the streets of Online Success.


If you truly believe in the value of your Offering, wouldn’t it make sense to get the BEST POSSIBLE ONLINE PRESENCE  as a vehicle to drive your Online Success?

Wouldn’t it make all the sense in the world to put the best possible

“Ethical Online Sales Motor” into that VEHICLE to produce the greatest Outcome

and get your Offering in Front of as many people that really need it as possible? 

YES to all of that!

It appears to be a mystery, until it is recognised.

When it is recognized, it becomes the obvious.

- Mooji -

We turn your ideas into an epic reality

We offer a unique done-for-you method in which you will be an integral part of the process every step of the way. We will translate your uniqueness and offerings into a powerful and effective online presence that will engage and inspire your potential clients.

How we work:

  • We don’t just “build websites".

    We engineer your whole Ethical Online Sales Machine.

  • We combine Consulting/Coaching with Design and Implementation.

  • We will get your offer in front of the right  people that really need it.

  • We will make the whole process of creating the online business of your dreams effortless while making you an integral part of it.

  • We will plant trees to offset twice the CO2 that our servers produce to have a Positive Impact on the CO2 Balance

  • We have a wide network of change-makers in all areas of expertise.

  • Reach Out

    Don't Take Our Word For It!

    At this point you might be thinking: "Well this all sounds too good to be true! Could it be so easy to get my Online Business off the Ground? Could there be someone that can really translate all of my marvellous ideas into a highly efficient Online Business? Without all the Pain involved?" YES! But don't take our Word for it. 

    "Thank you so very much , I feel very good about what has been co-created. I have loved working this way and found it very enjoyable. Creation, Inspiration, I love it... I love it..."

    Athena Melchizedek

    If you want to know...

    In order to get from an Idea or Concept to a finely tuned Online Business, there are many steps involved. If you want professional results, you will need a team of Pro Web-Designers, Marketers, Programmers, Copywriters, Business Consultants, Coaches and many more to pull it off. We could bore you to the moon and back with all the details of what that entails. But we don't want to. We just want you to know, that you can stop worrying. We have got you covered! We will make this a joyful process of Co-Creation. But if you still desire to know the "what" of what we do...

    In the end, our Marketing Philosophy is very simple. No fluff, no manipulation. Just very clear and effective messaging. It's about getting the right product with the right messaging in front of the right people, with elegance and power. Here are some of the things we do.

    Strategy Consulting

    Strategy is the foundation for any successful venture, and marketing without a strategy would be a painful way to fail. In one word this is all about Clarity. Who do you serve? What exactly is the Problem you are solving? What exactly is your Offer? We help you to gain clarity, as the foundation of your business.


    Writing that encourages your Client to take action (= Copy Writing) is MASSIVE. It is the one skill that can make or break your Website. We help your Message to gain clarity in order to hyper-resonate with the right audience.

    Funnel Engineering

    A sales funnel done right is one of the most powerful ways of converting a lead into a customer while simplifying and automating the whole process for both the customer and the business. With a perfectly engineered funnel there is no limits to what you can achieve both in the short and the long term.


    There is not really a better tool than email when it comes to marketing. It gives you a direct link to your customers to start a conversation, test ideas and keep them engaged and ready for your next offer. People spend 138% more when being marketed through email than people who do not receive email offers. 

    List Building

    If you ask anyone that is successful in Online Business, having a “List” of raving fans for your product or service is going to be one of the key resources you can create in your business. We love building Lists.

    Design Work

    When it comes to design our philosophy is; Simply beautiful. We want your website or funnel to represent you, while keeping the user and the goal in mind, designing sites are easy to understand and even easier to use while still looking fantastic.

    Product Launches

    There is so much more to a successful product launch than just announcing it. Planning and executing a highly successful product launch is an art, and Launches are one of the most powerful ways to 10x the success of your Online Business.

    Targeted Advertising

    It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or whether you are already an established name in your industry. Targeted Ads are some of the most powerful ways to generate New Clients for your Business. If you do nothing else, this alone can be a Game-Changer for you! 

    Shopping Cart

    The Check-Out Experience is one of the most crucial parts of your Sales Funnel. We make it easy, we make it fun and we generate more value through Up- and Down-Sells. An Optimized Check-Out Experience Can make the difference between Success and "Let's try that again". Need an entire Online Store? We do that too!

    Affiliate Marketing

    Want to create a powerful way to reach massive amounts of new clients without actually spending any money on Advertising? Then Affiliate Marketing is the perfect way to go. 

    Video Marketing

    Videos are an exceptionally effective way of communication. Think about it, it’s the next best thing to being there in person yet instead of being limited to one Location you can be in infinite places at the same time.


    Courses / Membership 

    Once you sell your Product, Service, Course or Program, you probably also need a place to “deliver” all that juicy Content to your Customers - you need a Membership Area. One where you can manage different Levels of Access. We have got you covered!

    Our team

    Lorem ipsum dolor - Why are you talking Latin to me? Quick! Someone! Sage the Landing Page!! Sorry, no idea how that sneaked in here! Where were we? Oh yes! We love what we do! And we are super excited about creating a radically better World through Positive Impact and Conscious Business. We are here to share our Passion for a vastly better World with you. 

    Erikardo Da Wikström

    Creative Genius, Lover of subtle arrangement of Words

    The Dirkness

    Business Master-Mind, Serial Entrepreneur and Positive Impact Evangelist

    Would you like to talk with us? Apply now!

    If you have gotten this far, you probably already know on some level, that this is exactly what you need. You are ready to say goodbye to the lonely struggle and hello to a mutually beneficial partnership. You are ready to work with a team of Pros that get you, who can make this process an exciting and joyful experience sounds like a much better deal to you.

    In order to find out if we are really a good fit, we need to talk. We are looking for heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level and truly change the world for the better. To go forward, hit the APPLY button below to see if you qualify for a FREE strategy session. This is where we can get to know each other and take a deeper look at you, your business model and uncover the most POWERFUL way forward for you.

    These are some Results you can expect from a FREE Strategy Session with us:

    Meet Some Lovely Like-Minded People

    Gain Insights into your biggest Challenges and how to overcome them

    Gain Super-Clarity about your Business Vision and how to achieve it

    Apply for a

    Free Strategy Session

    If you resonated with our message and you would love to learn more,

    apply for a free Strategy Session where you will get all your questions 

    answered along with a healthy dose of inspiration.

    By the end of it, you will have a clear and powerful marketing strategy to implement yourself, or if we feel like we are a good fit, together.

    We will not spam you. So please don't spam us.


    We DO NOT Work for Everybody

    We are not interested in creating sleazy manipulative Marketing for Products/Businesses which are inherently damaging or misleading. We don't work for Clients we don't resonate with. We deeply care and about strengthening and promoting Positive Impact Businesses, Conscious Ventures, Visionary Leaders, Healers, Teachers and Change-Makers.

  • We are here to promote Positive Impact

  • We support you in creating a better World

  • We want you to succeed


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you focus on Conscious Business?

    Because we are Conscious Entrepreneurs ourselves and we have first hand experience on how hard it can be to Master Technology and Marketing. We have met so many amazing and lovely People all struggling with the same Issues and thought it's about time someone would be a Champion for Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs. Besides, we believe Conscious Business - done right - can be a powerful force for good in this World. Instead of Minimising our Negative Impact, we here to help Change-Makers MAXIMISE their Positive Impact, by doing so we are actually actively contributing to creating a radically better world together.

    Why do I have to apply for a Free Session?

    We want to be respectful of each-others time. Time is the one resource which - at least in this physical dimension - is limited and we can not get back. Also, we are very selective about who we want work with. We are not a "one size fits all" agency. We do not endorse sleazy marketing tactics, We are not here to “force a sell” on you. The Free Sessions are a time for both of us, to get to know each other and to see if we resonate. Also, we sincerely like to help people, so we decided to make these sessions very valuable for aspiring conscious entrepreneurs. Even if we don’t end up working together, we both gain valuable Lessons from our conversation.

    I can’t afford this!

    Well, technically this is not a Question, but we think it's a good idea to address this common concern right out of the Gate. Saying that you can’t afford something, before actually knowing the price, is really a deeper issue. But here are some questions that might help you with that. How much longer do you want to suffer through, trying to get started and feeling that you don’t really know what you are doing? Do you really want to do it all by yourself? How many more Coaching and Training Programs do you want to buy in order to learn how to do just a small aspect of what it will take to create a Successful Online Business? How much longer do you want to sabotage yourself, and keep yourself from achieving actual Success with your Dream Business? So instead of asking yourself if you can afford help, ask yourself how much longer you want to afford NOT giving yourself what you need to succeed.

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